Academics & Curriculum

Saint Charles Borromeo Academy is a TK through Eighth grade elementary school committed to creating inclusive Christ-centered Catholic community, providing a strong academic curriculum, and fostering independent critical thinkers who respond to the needs of others.

Using the San Diego Diocesan Curriculum (which adapts the California State Framework with Common Core State Standards for alignment to our Catholic faith and infuses them with Catholic values as appropriate), in conjunction our Schoolwide Learning Expectations, SCBA fulfills its mission by creating a program that nurtures its students to be active participants of the Catholic community, responsible citizens, problem solvers, and lifelong learners.

Religion Curriculum

  • Instruction throughout curriculum is centered on Catholic truths and values.
  • Knowledge and skills acquired in the religion program are integrated with other curricular areas and activities.
  • Learning experiences in all subject areas emphasize appreciation and respect for the diversity of all people and cultures.
  • Prayer and liturgy is an integral component of life on campus and students are actively involved preparing school Masses, paraliturgies, and other aspects of daily school prayer life.
  • Students in grades five and eight take the ACRE assessment every school year to assess and inform our on-going faith formation practices.
  • The second grade teacher and principal, under the direction of the parish catechetical director, prepare children in second grade for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist. All students in third through eighth grades participate in Reconciliation during the Advent and Lenten season.

A St. Charles Borromeo student is...

  • Learns about the Church.
  • Demonstrates respect for self and others.
  • Shows a spirit of service.
  • Shares the message taught by Jesus.
  • Understands that actions have consequences.
  • Responds to the needs of others.
  • Accepts differences. 
  • Respects authority.
  • Works independently.
  • Solves problems peacefully.
  • Thinks things through carefully.
  • Shows an understanding of what is taught.
  • Follows directions.
  • Communicates ideas clearly.
  • Produces original work.