Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I park when dropping off or picking up my child?
In the main lot unless you are a Preschooler then you can park in the smaller lot on the office side, signs are posted.  Please do NOT park in the spaces marked for faculty or in spaces marked “RESERVED.”

Where do I drop my child off?
You may park and walk your child to their classroom, pull in to a parking space and drop your child off there, or you may drop your child off using the Car Drop-off lane indicated by the orange cones.

Where is the Car Drop-off Lane and how does it work?
The Car Pool drop-off is located in the main parking lot and drop off is at the end of the lot, AFTER you pass the crosswalk. You will see cars letting students off while parents try and keep the line of cars moving. If you use the Car Drop-off Lane, please be courteous of cars waiting behind you, drop-offs should be quick and uneventful. If you have items to unload or need additional time, please find a parking space to allow for traffic flow.

What is the earliest I can drop my child off at school?
Extended Care opens at 6:45 am, you must already have pre-registered your child in order to useExtended Care services. More information.

Where do I pick my child up?
At the end of the day, teachers will lead students out to the lunch tables for pick up. Parents may wait for students away from the tables and towards the school side near the benches. Students will NOT be released unless the teacher has seen a parent or appointed adult is there for them. For Drive-Thru Pick-up, present your family name placard to the faculty member at the crosswalk, and carefully pull through the queue to pick up your child. The only time that parents will be asked to come to the classroom to get your child is during inclement weather i.e. rain.

If my child is late (tardy) what should I do?
Students should be in their classroom by the 8:00 am bell. If not, then the student needs to go to the school office with an adult and receive an admittance slip for class.

If my child is going to be absent from school what do I need to do?
A parent or adult must call or email the office before 8:30 am.

If absent from school, how can my child make up work, and how many days do they have to make it up?
When you call or email the school about your child’s absence, you may request for their homework to be sent to the school office which you may then pick up at the end of the day. The students generally have the number of days they were absent to make up their work. Some students may have missed tests or quizzes, the make-up of these will be at the discretion of the teacher.

If my child has a doctor’s appointment during school hours what do I do?
A parent or adult must come to the office and sign the child out along with the date and time. If the child returns to school, you must again go to the office and sign your child back in.

When does school mass take place?
Every Wednesday, or the first Friday of the month, students will go immediately to church and be seated before 8:00am. Outside the church, there are designated tables for each grade to leave their backpacks and lunches. If they arrive early enough, they may drop off their backpack and lunches at their classroom cubby. Backpacks and lunches are NOT allowed inside the church.

What should my child wear on mass days?
Girls are to wear uniform skirt, skort, or jumper with either their burgundy polo or white blouse, along with regulation shoes/sneakers. Boys are to wear long uniform pants with belt (unless pants have elastic waist), with burgundy polo shirt, along with regulation shoes/sneakers. The exception to this rule is if your child has P.E. on that day, in which case, they may wear the appropriate P.E. attire.

If I can’t pick up my child on time how can I get another adult to do it for me?
You must have already filled out a sheet for the school listing names and numbers of people you have authorized to pick up your child. If this has not been completed your child will be sent to Extended Care until you arrive. Extended Care  closes at 6:00pm.

My child forgot their lunch, where do I bring it?
Bring it to the front office unless it is actually lunch time, then you may bring it to them at the lunch tables.

It is my child’s birthday, does the school let me celebrate?
You may bring in a treat for the whole class (please let their teacher know ahead of time so they can plan accordingly). Items such as cookies, cupcakes, ice cream sandwiches are best due to the ease in handing out and mess factor. Please, NO birthday cakes, as it becomes cumbersome. Most classes will celebrate birthdays at the end of the day just before dismissal.

Does the school provide Day Care?
Extended Care is provided for a fee which is listed on the Extended Care registration form. It starts at 6:45am then at 7:40am the children are released to the courtyard to wait by their classroom.Extended Care continues at 3:00pm and goes until 6:00pm. There will be a few afternoons scattered throughout the year when afternoonExtended Care will not be provided, the academy will give proper notice when this occurs.

What is this envelope marked Tuesday Treasure?
The Tuesday Treasure is one way the school can communicate with parents on a weekly basis. If you have multiple students attending, the envelope will be sent with the oldest student in the family. There will be many forms, letters, and information each week. It is very important that you go through the envelope that evening and send back any forms that need to be returned along with the envelope the next day.

What is all this talk about service points?
St. Charles is a tight knit community and we rely on each and every family to contribute back to the school so that we can meet all of our obligations. Each family is expected to complete 20 hours of service during the school year. Single parent families must complete 10 hours. There are many ways to earn service points; every hour of volunteering earns 1 service point. 

Some suggestions on ways to earn service points:
• Drive or take part in one of our field trips (Diocese Live Scan necessary see link under “parents” menu)
• Work on any of our many committees
• Help the hot lunch crew serve up lunch
• Come supervise the kids during lunch time
• Set up, clean- up or partake for one of our many fundraisers
• Ask your children’s teachers if they need classroom help or take home project help
• Coach or assistant coach one of our many sports teams

For other options, come to one of our PTG meetings and we will help find some way for you to earn your service points and then some! Again if you have any questions, problems or suggestions, please feel free to contact this year’s New Family Liaison: Nancy Palmerton (619) 223-3390