Level 1 – Catholic Families Affiliated with St. Charles, St. Agnes & Sacred Heart and Military Families

No. of Children                 Yearly                       Monthly (11 Month)

1                                       $5,936                           $540

2                                       $11,510                         $1,047

3                                       $16,196                        $1,473

4 +                                 Negotiated                    Negotiated

Level 2 – Catholic Family Affiliated with Some Other Catholic Parish

No. of Children                 Yearly                     Monthly (11 Month)

1                                       $6,525                          $594

2                                       $12,660                       $1,151

3                                       $17,815                        $1,620

4 +                                 Negotiated                   Negotiated

Level 3 – Catholic or Non-Catholic Families not Affiliated with a Catholic Parish

                                       Yearly                        Monthly (11 Month)

Tuition per Child            $7, 354                     $669

Other Fees

Application Fee
The application fee is $75 for each student entering Academy. This fee is non-refundable.

Registration Fee
Registration for students entering the Academy will be $295, due and payable at the time of registration and is non-refundable.

Paid through FACTS by 9/16/19: $265 per family (includes PTG dues and two prepaid tickets to the Spring Auction & Dinner). This fee is non-refundable.

Volunteer Time
In addition to the above listed tuition and fees, each family is expected to perform service hours to help the school and to assist in a fundraising program for the benefit of the school. Two-parent families are required to perform twenty (20) service hours and single parent & military families are required to perform ten (10) service hours. Service hours may be earned in the following ways: School Board officers, PTG board members and officers, athletic coaches, field trip supervisors, involvement in fundraisers, traffic supervisors, and yard duty aides. Other option for earning service hours may vary based on special skills that parents may offer the school. All parents must complete service hours in order to register for the next school year.